Sabah FC 2024 Home Shirt (Red)
1. Design and Colors: 
   - The home shirt features a vibrant red color with subtle horizontal patterns that add texture without overwhelming the design.
   - The Lotto logo is prominently displayed on the right chest, while the Sabah FC crest sits proudly on the left chest.
   - Black and green trim on the collar and sleeves adds a nice contrast and incorporates the traditional colors of Sabah.

2. Material and Details:
   - The material appears to have a "Deep Dry" technology, ensuring good moisture management and breathability, ideal for the hot and humid conditions often encountered in Sabah.
   - The stitching and overall construction seem robust, ensuring durability through intense matches and training sessions.

3. Overall Impression:
   - The shirt is a classic yet modern design, capturing the essence of Sabah FC while incorporating contemporary fabric technology.
   - It balances tradition with performance, making it a must-have for fans and players alike.

Sabah FC 2024 Away Shirt (Blue)
1. Design and Colors:
   - The away shirt is primarily blue with subtle geometric patterns that give it a sleek and modern look.
   - White and red elements on the sides and collar add a patriotic touch, representing the club's colors.
   - Similar to the home shirt, the Lotto logo and Sabah FC crest are prominently placed.

2. Material and Details:
   - The material used is lightweight and breathable, likely incorporating similar moisture-wicking technology as the home shirt.
   - The addition of the "Maju Jaya" emblem at the back is a nice touch, reinforcing the club's motto and regional pride.

3. Overall Impression:
   - The away shirt's design is elegant and stylish, suitable for both on and off the pitch.
   - Its simplicity and attention to detail make it a versatile piece for fans, showcasing their support in a subtle yet impactful way.

Both the home and away shirts for Sabah FC 2024 are well-designed, combining tradition with modern elements and advanced fabric technology. They offer great comfort and style, making them ideal for both fans and players. The use of vibrant colors and subtle patterns ensures that these shirts stand out, reflecting the pride and passion of Sabah FC.