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Printing Policy


While every effort has been made to make your personalization experience at Protech Kit Zone memorable, there might be some shortcomings which may occur during the printing process. 

  1. Upon selecting Protech Kit Zone personalization services (printing of namesets, sponsors, and patches), you have deemed to have accepted the ‘risks’ (Please refer to (2) under printing policy) that may be present during the printing process which may cause dissatisfaction of the personalization end result. Protech Kit Zone shall not be held responsible for any dissatisfaction of the personalization end result. 
  1. Risks’ include - 
  1. Perceived misalignments of printing on said shirt 
  2. Perceived cracks / undesired end result of printing on said shirt 
  3. Perceived colour difference on image and actual product / end result of printing 
  1. Strictly NO refunds / returns / exchanges for printed shirts, regardless customization own name/number or player's name/number.
  2. Squad numbers correct at time of printing; We holds NO responsibility for subsequent changes to squad numbers of if a player is transferred.


  1. Sale of names and numbering, patches, sponsors are under warranty with the following T&C – 
  1. Within 7 days from the date of purchase
  2. For local and overseas deliveries, it is under warranty 7 days from the day of arrival based on the tracking number given
  1. Warranty is voided & NO longer valid once the name and number / patch / sponsor are put into printing or any related work. 
  1. Protech Kit Zone shall NOT be liable for any damage that may occur on the nameset / patch / sponsor during the printing process or any works that is involved in.