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We've updated our  return and refund policy - Have a look - Refund and Return

Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy

We appreciate your business with us. Please take note of our return and refund policy, which is as follows:

  1. No Refund Policy:
    We have a no-refund policy in place, and refunds will not be provided under any circumstances.

  2. Return Policy (Except Damaged or Faulty Items):
    We generally do not accept returns, except in cases where the received product is damaged or faulty. If you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact our customer service within 7 days of receiving your order.

  3. Cancellation Policy:
    Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled. Please make sure to double-check your cart and review your order before proceeding with the purchase.

We understand that each customer's situation may be unique, and we encourage you to contact our customer service team with any concerns or questions you may have. We are here to assist you within the bounds of our policy.

What is the return and exchange policy (Only for Damaged or Faulty Items)?

Ensuring your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We provide only the finest quality products to guarantee your contentment. If, unfortunately, your order arrives damaged or if you are dissatisfied due to a fault in the product, we consider it our responsibility to address the issue. For items deemed damaged or defective, we have implemented a 7-day return policy from the date of receipt by the customer, subject to the following terms and conditions:

Condition of Returned Items:

  • Items must be returned in their original purchase condition, and tags must be intact if any.
  • All packaging must be unmarked and not defaced in any manner.


  • This return policy does not apply to items explicitly stated as Non-exchangeable and Non-refundable on the website.

Return Review Process:
All returns will be initially reviewed by ProtechKitZone, and we reserve the right to perform remedies, including:

  • Replacing the product with a new item of the same original order.

  • Issuing a ProtechKitZone store credits***.

***We operate under a "Store Credit Only" policy for returns or exchanges. Regrettably, we do not issue monetary refunds for any return or exchange. Instead, we provide ProtechKitZone store credits to be used for future purchases. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

Refusal at Delivery Policy:
If you choose to refuse the delivery of your package, please be aware of the following:

  • The package will be returned to us.

  • Upon receipt, we will review the items and process the necessary actions based on our return policy.

  • If the returned item doesn't match the above conditions, Protech Kit Zone reserves the right to reject the return.

  • A restocking fee of 20% of the invoiced amount will be charged to the buyer when Protech Kit Zone receives the item in a BRAND NEW and UNWORN condition, along with all relevant tags ATTACHED. This fee covers the costs associated with processing and restocking returned items.

  • Any applicable return shipping fees may be deducted from your store credit***

***We operate under a "Store Credit Only" policy for returns or exchanges. Regrettably, we do not issue monetary refunds for any return or exchange. Instead, we provide ProtechKitZone store credits to be used for future purchases. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

Out-of-Stock Replacement and Auto Debit Policy:

In the event that a product is out of stock after an order has been placed, we have implemented the following policy:

  1. Email Notification for Replacement:

    • If a product becomes unavailable, we will promptly send an email notification to the customer, offering alternative replacement options. The email will include details about the suggested replacements along with images and pricing information.
  2. Customer Response Time:

    • Customers are kindly requested to review the replacement options and respond to the email within three (3) days with their preference or any necessary instructions.
  3. Auto Debit of Store Credits:

    • If no response is received from the customer within the stipulated three-day period, the company reserves the right to proceed with the auto debit the corresponding store credits from the customer's account. This ensures timely processing and fulfillment of orders.

This policy is designed to streamline the order fulfillment process and provide customers with a convenient option for handling out-of-stock situations.

Personalized Item Policy:

Strict No Refunds or Exchange: We regret to inform you that there will be strictly NO refunds or exchanges for personalized shirts, which include the printing of namesets, patches, sponsors onto the shirt.

Agreement to Personalization Policy: Upon selecting personalized shirts or items requiring Protech Kit Zone printing services, you are deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions outlined in our personalization policy. Please refer to the 'PERSONALIZATION POLICY' for detailed information.

Special Order / Pre-Order Policy:

No Refunds or Exchange: Please be advised that there will be NO refunds or exchanges for specially ordered items. This policy applies specifically to Pre-Order or Specially ordered items, which are defined as items NOT READILY AVAILABLE on Protech Kit Zone.

Warranty Terms:

  • Our warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a specified period from the date of purchase. It does not cover damage resulting from misuse, lack of care, accidents, modifications, unauthorized repairs, or acts of nature. The warranty is applicable to the original purchaser and is subject to specific conditions outlined in the complete warranty policy.
  • Personalized shirts (printings of namesets, patches, sponsor on shirts) are NOT ELIGIBLE for any warranty. Regardless personalized own's name/number or player's name/number.
  • All products returned will be subject to review for authenticity. Products determined to be counterfeit will be confiscated and turned over to our legal department for action.

Disclaimer for Delivery Damage:
Protech Kit Zone will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur during the delivery of items back to us. Please ensure that returned items are appropriately packaged to minimize the risk of damage in transit.

Conditions for Parcel Return:
To ensure a successful exchange, please adhere to the following conditions when sending back the parcel:

Avoid Sealing Tape on Original Box or Plastic:

  • Please refrain from wrapping the original box or plastic with sealing tape. Instead, cover it with a protective layer before applying sealing tape. We cannot proceed with the exchange if the original box or plastic is damaged by sealing tape.

Use Recorded Delivery Service:

  • For your protection, it is recommended to use a recorded delivery service, as we cannot be held responsible for items not received.

Loss or Damage Responsibility:

  • We will not be responsible for items lost or damaged in transit during the return. Proof of postage is not considered proof of receipt or delivery.

Take Care to Prevent Damage:

  • Please take reasonable care to ensure that the items returned are not damaged in transit. If necessary, arrange suitable insurance.

Exchange Processing:

  • We will send the exchange item once we receive the returned parcel, depending on its condition.

Clearance / Discounted items / Coupon Policy

Items categorized as 'clearance / discount' (under 'Clearance / Discounted items') are NOT ENTITLED for any returns, exchange, credit transfer, or monetary refund. Clearance items are those listed under the 'CLEARANCE' section on, and discounted items refer to items with adjusted original prices on the website.

Customers using any coupon may be subject to additional charges during size or item exchanges, as the exchange will follow the original price without any coupon discount. For example, if a customer is entitled to a 30% off coupon, the exchange will follow the original price without the 30% discount, and the customer must pay the balance amount. The discount will be applied only once.

Similarly, for voucher codes, customers may incur additional charges during size exchanges, as the exchange will follow the original price without the voucher code amount. The voucher code is only applied once.

If an item is no longer in promotion when exchanged, the customer will bear the additional cost based on the current price. Even if the customer has informed us before the item is shipped, we will not entertain any exchange unless the customer is willing to add value. Please note that prices are based on the current system.