Denmark 2024 Football Shirt Range: A Comprehensive Review

Hummel's 2024 Denmark football shirt range is a masterclass in balancing tradition and innovation. Each piece in the collection reflects the rich history of Danish football while incorporating modern design elements and technology. Here’s an in-depth look at the new range:

Home Shirt: A Classic with a Twist

The home shirt is a striking red, adorned with a subtle geometric pattern that gives the fabric depth and texture. The iconic DBU (Danish Football Union) crest is prominently displayed on the chest, alongside Hummel's logo. The round neck collar features white trim, adding a touch of elegance to the bold red base. An inside detail reads “For Danmark” and “En del af noget større” (Part of something bigger), reinforcing the sense of national pride.

  • Color: Red with white accents
  • Design: Subtle geometric pattern
  • Collar: Round neck with white trim
  • Crest: Embroidered DBU crest
  • Inside Detail: Inspirational message for players and fans