Villarreal CF 2020/21 Home Shirt

Villarreal CF 2020/21 Home Shirt

Brand: Joma
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*REMARK - Please consider 1 size bigger as this is slim fit design.

The T-shirt giving you a tour of Europe, the first T-shirt incorporating an audio guide providing fans with information about every nook and cranny of the city while they are waiting for the match to begin. Joma has used Shazam, who have developed a visual recognition technology allowing it to identify images. This is the first time it will be applied to a fabric. In order to listen to the audio guide during a trip, you have to open Shazam, activate the camera and scan the shield. Then you can let you guide by the T-shirt.

Manufactured using Interlock polyester, characterised by its quality and elasticity, in addition to being highly resistant and easy care. This is the first time it will be applied to a fabric. Includes a MICRO-MESH finish enhancing breathability while keeping the body dry. In those areas with greater perspiration, polyester is replaced by MESH fabric, a piece of mesh allowing air to enter the garment and come into contact with the skin, drying it, keeping body temperature constant and the body dry.

Includes this season's latest design trend, the lines in the centre are drawn using the embossing technique. The shirt has been completely customised, on the back it bears the team's shield and on the inside of the collar, the club's name.

Several details providing excellent quality and fit have been added to the new Villarreal C.F. shirt, such as an additional segment located at the shoulder to improve comfort, anti-tear seams at the collar to increase durability or mesh fabric on sides and under the arms to improve breathability.

The second strip is outstanding for featuring a completely new design. The vertical stripes and yellow detailing stand out. The design incorporates graduated tones going from black to a lighter hue. This time the shirt’s collar has been designed in a V shape and includes an extra section going from shoulder to shoulder thus avoiding seams on the back of the neck and making it more comfortable. It retains the same technical characteristics as the first one.

On the other hand, the third shirt is green with lighter horizontal stripes. The collar stands out, having elastic ribbing for improved fit.