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Barella 23 (Official Inter Milan 2020/21 Third Name and Numbering)

Barella 23 (Official Inter Milan 2020/21 Third Name and Numbering)
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Barella 23 (Official Inter Milan 2020/21 Third Name and Numbering)

Off Season Printing

Off Season Printing

Protect Kit Zone DOES NOT guarantee its usability and is NOT LIABLE for any damages caused from applying the NAMESET onto shirts. 


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Barella 23 (Official Inter Milan 2020/21 Third Name and Numbering)  

(Suitable for Inter Milan 2020/21 Third Shirt) 

Size: Player Version size

Material: PU Type

Manufactured by - Stilscreen S.R.L. 


**  Product image for illustration purposes only .  Actual product may vary . 

How should I launder my soccer apparel?

•    Always check the laundering instructions on the items for special care instructions. Most apparel includes specific laundering instructions that should be followed closely to minimize stress to the fabric.

•    Follow the laundering instructions as stated on the tags. We have seen apparel last for years when the laundering directions are followed correctly during each laundering. Usually, most sports apparel requires a cold water wash to reduce fading.

•    To better protect printed apparel during washing, turn apparel inside-out to protect appliquéd names, numbers, badges, and other insignia.

•    Allow professionals to add customizations. Although many resources are available for adding numbers and letters yourself, it is always best to customize your apparel using a professional monogramming service. We offer professional-grade customizations that will allow you to add customized print to your apparel.

•    Hang or lay flat to dry your apparel since the heat and agitation from tumble dryers can shrink fabric and damage appliqués. Many directions recommend "tumble dry low," but you can make your apparel last even longer with gentle treatment. Most lightweight sports apparel dries very quickly with hang drying.

•    Do not iron logos and patches. The intense heat can scorch the fabric and destroy the appliqués on your apparel.

•    In general, we recommend hand-washing with a mild detergent and air drying.

What else should I know about caring for my soccer apparel?

If ever you are in doubt of how to care for your apparel, please consult a professional laundry service. If you still have questions, our Customer Service Center would be happy to help assist you in caring for your valuable apparel.